Apply till Danger ranger [Declined]

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Apply till Danger ranger [Declined]

Post  Sajjmon on Wed Feb 06, 2008 10:43 pm

Personal Info

Name: Simon Andersson
Age: 14
Location:sweden (dalarna)
Playtime: (when can you not play and when can you play) : i can play at friday,saturday,sunday,monday and maybe thusday

Character info

Character name: sajjmon
Class: rogue
Race: night elf
Specc: 18/0/43 but i can respecc if u want to

Days played on 60 and 70: i have played 25 days at 70, and 60 i dont know
Profile link:
Professions: energering / mining, i had full alchy and full herb before but i wanna have mining and enegering coz i cant the head.

Prequest done:

Honer hold: Reverd
Cenarion Expedition: Reverd
Lower City: honored
The Sha'tar: honored
Keepers of Time:Honored
Karazhan: honored

Raid Experience TBC: i have only done full kara and little bit of gruul
Raid Experience Pre-TBC: i didnt raid so much before TBC , i was to busy lvling , i did MC

Previous guilds: i havent got any good guild yet coz, i new at this server , i was coming from tarrem mill
Reason for leaving those guilds: Because i wanna join " Danger Ranger "

Reason for joining our guild: u have heard that this guild is good at raids and that i got some IRL friends in the guild.

Good luck with you application


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Re: Apply till Danger ranger [Declined]

Post  Xevil on Wed Feb 06, 2008 10:47 pm

Reason for leaving those guilds: Because i wanna join " Danger Ranger "

>_^ nån tar att man har en prio på att joina bara för att man vill.
Din specc suger för PvE. Önska att du var äldre. Och vadå liten bit utav Gruul? Som nån fråga; "Sover du på raids?" Sad

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