pinkpro 70 warrior [Accepted]

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pinkpro 70 warrior [Accepted]

Post  Gayray on Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:44 pm

Personal Info

Name:Johan "pinkizz" hulmarker
Age:17 född -91 Sad
Playtime: (when can you not play and when can you play) Så mycket jag behöver

Character info

Character name: Pinkpro
Class: Warrior
Race: Gnome
Specc: arms atm, men ofc fury i raids.

Days played on 60 and 70: 80 på 60 och 25 på 70.
Profile link:
Professions: Mining 375

Prequest done: Karazhan.

Honer hold:
Cenarion Expedition:
Lower City:
The Sha'tar:
Keepers of Time:

Raid Experience TBC: Full Karazhan och 1a bossen i ZA
Raid Experience Pre-TBC: MC,BWL AQ40 olch några bossar i naxx.

Previous guilds: Rampage på sunstrider.
Reason for leaving those guilds: Guilden disbandade

Reason for joining our guild: Har en massa Irlpolare som tjatar på mig, och jag är sugen på lite 25-manna.


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Re: pinkpro 70 warrior [Accepted]

Post  Roojk on Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:49 pm

me likey...

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