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Burrningass Hunter [Accepted] Empty Burrningass Hunter [Accepted]

Post  Burningass on Sat Mar 01, 2008 8:41 pm

General player info
1. Name: [Your first name]
My name is Simeon

2. Year of birth: [eg. 1987]
I'm born in 1988

3. Country: [eg. Sweden]

4. Do you have Ventrilo: [yes/no]
Don't have it was useing TS but it's not a problem to get it

5. Do you have a working microphone: [yes/no]
Yes i have a working mic.

6. When are you available for raiding: [hours/days]
Tbh this is a hard question for me.I go to work 2 days i play 2 days,but if the raid starts when i come home i can join.

Character info
7. Character name: [Your main character, the one you apply with]
My character name is Burningass

8. Character race/class: [eg. Undead Warlock]
Night elf hunter

9. Server: [The server your main is currently on]

10. Total played: [Your main's /played]
28 days my alt (lvl 70 war) 35 days

11. Guild history: [Name some of your previous guilds and your role or rank in them]
My previous guild was Tomahawk and my rank was officer.

12. Professions: [Your main's professions and skill levels, eg. Herbalism (375)/Jewelcrafting (352)]
Skinning (375) / Leatherworking (375)

13. Short description of your primary alts: [State the classes, /played and professions of your primary alts]
my alt (lvl 70 war) 35 days Blacksmith (364) Alchemy (375 transmute master)

Questions about your character
14. What is the role you would prefer in raids?
[Tell us what you would prefer to do in raids with your main. Your specc and gear will be evaluated based on this question. Eg. dps shaman, pure healing druid, shadow priest, tanking warrior... Feel free to answer with several sentences.]
I prefer DPS. I like trapping and i'm a good trapper so i can CC in raids if needed

15. What is your spec?
[Eg. 20 (Discipline) / 41 (Holy) / 0 (Shadow)]

My specc is marksmanship 5(beast mastery) 53(marksmenship) 3 (survival)

16. Why have you chosen this specific spec?
[Tell us why have you chosen the above spec, what are the advantages and the disadvantages in it and for what kind of situations/environments your spec is the most suitable for. Feel free to answer with several sentences.]
I have chosen this specc,because i think it's the best specc for DPS in raids.

17. What kind of gear do you have?
[Describe briefly your main gear sets. State the most important data in numbers. You should link your armory page or other profile here. Don't mind doing this apply if you're not posting any links.]
4 Blue items the rest are epic. The blue items are my mele spear,2 trinkets and 1 ring

Questions about raiding
18. What is your raiding experience?
[Tell us which dungeons you have cleared and with which character(s). Include also pre-TBC instances if you played back then.] I've cleared Onyxia,MC,BWL,ZG,AQ20/40 (with my warrior) Kara,Gruul's (with my main hunter)

19. To which heroic mode instances you have access to on your main?
[Eg. Hellfire Citadel/Coilfang Reservoir/Auchindoun/Tempest Keep/Caverns of Time]

I have all the heroic keys and i've done all the heroics

20. What attunements do you have on your main character?
[Eg. MC/Onyxia/BWL/Naxxramas/Karazhan/Mount Hyjal/Black Temple]
With the char i want to join the guild only for karazhan

21. How do you prepare for raids?
I go buy 2-3 beers log with my warrior and make some potions.Then log with my hunter and make some drums

22. What kind of consumables would you take with you to a raid?
[Eg. potions, reagents, oils, bandages...]

I always bring potions drums and bandages

Other questions
Please take your time to answer these questions. You may use several sentences in each answer. These are the most important questions in this application form.

23. What is your current personal goal within WoW?
My personal goal in WoW is to kill Iliadan and have a hell alof of fun while doing it.

24. Why do you want to join Danger Rangers, and why did you leave/want to leave your old guild?
I want to join Danger Rangers,because i think this is the guild with which i can reach my goal in WoW.
I didn't want to leave my old guild,but it disbaned and all the players joined a guild called "soul" that's just not working for me.

25. Anything else you would like to add to your application?
[If you have anything else you would like us to know, this is the place for it.]

I'm a funny person that always is ready for raids (when i'm online) and love helping.

I think this is all the info,but if you need to know anything else just /w me in game Burningass
Yours Truely


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Burrningass Hunter [Accepted] Empty Re: Burrningass Hunter [Accepted]

Post  Burningass on Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:57 pm

3 days no replay? cmon ppls say yes or no


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Burrningass Hunter [Accepted] Empty Re: Burrningass Hunter [Accepted]

Post  Rosa on Wed Mar 05, 2008 12:38 am

sorry for taking so long. We had to evalue our hunter situation.

Application accepted. Ask an officer ingame for an invite.

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Burrningass Hunter [Accepted] Empty Re: Burrningass Hunter [Accepted]

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