application Resto Druid/vill joina Vonschtek [Delayed]

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application Resto Druid/vill joina Vonschtek [Delayed]

Post  Vonschte on Wed Mar 05, 2008 12:25 am

1. Name: [Your first name] mario
2. Year of birth: [eg. 1987] 1991
3. Country: [eg. Sweden] sweden
4. Do you have Ventrilo: [yes/no] yes
5. Do you have a working microphone: [yes/no] yes
6. When are you available for raiding: [hours/days] 17-24

7. Character name: [Your main character, the one you apply with] Vonschtek
8. Character race/class: [eg. Undead Warlock] Resto druid, night elf
9. Server: [The server your main is currently on] boulderfist
10. Total played: [Your main's /played] 44 days
11. Guild history: [Name some of your previous guilds and your role or rank in them] purple knights member, healer
12. Professions: [Your main's professions and skill levels, eg. Herbalism (375)/Jewelcrafting (352)] herb 375 and 365 alchemy
13. Short description of your primary alts: [State the classes, /played and professions of your primary alts] dwarf hunter lvl 66 Lw 255 and skinning 100

14. What is the role you would prefer in raids?
pure healing druid

15. What is your spec?
full resto

16. Why have you chosen this specific spec?
think its fun and im good at it

17. What kind of gear do you have?

18. What is your raiding experience?
Kara,2 first boss in ZA, gruul

19. To which heroic mode instances you have access to on your main?

20. What attunements do you have on your main character?
all except BT and mount hyjal

21. How do you prepare for raids?
elixirs for myself and guildmates pots ofc

22. What kind of consumables would you take with you to a raid?
adepts for spell, defense for tanks, intellect and spirit for me, healing elixir for me

23. What is your current personal goal within WoW?
getting good gear and have fun

24. Why do you want to join Danger Rangers, and why did you leave/want to leave your old guild?
LF a good and active guild, PK is a little slackyfor me

25. Anything else you would like to add to your application?
i have had a priest and lvling a hunter, i know the most classes and i think i woulde be able to help all when needed


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Re: application Resto Druid/vill joina Vonschtek [Delayed]

Post  Rosa on Wed Mar 05, 2008 12:39 am

thank you for your application. We will reply in due time.

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