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Nightfreak application Empty Nightfreak application

Post  Nightfre on Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:19 am

General player info
1. Name: George
2. Year of birth: 1991
3. Country: Bulgaria
4. Do you have Ventrilo: Nope but I'll get
5. Do you have a working microphone: Nope hope its not a problem
6. When are you available for raiding: Everyday after 3p.m. server time

Character info
7. Character name: Nightfreak
8. Character race/class: Nightelf Rogue
9. Server: Boulderfist
10. Total played: around 40 days
11. Guild history: Till lvl 70 I was in North Star with low rank after that I moved to Africa United with lowest rank and Now I am in Soul as Officer
12. Professions: don't have Sad Deleted them recently
13. Short description of your primary alts: Chernoriska lvl 47 Shadow Priest 5 days total played

Questions about your character
14. What is the role you would prefer in raids?
DPS Rogue

15. What is your spec?

16. Why have you chosen this specific spec?
It is the best for my PLaying style and that way I can control my aggro/energy/combos most easaly

17. What kind of gear do you have?
I have 285 Hit raiting/21% Crit and 1550 AP for more inf :

Questions about raiding
18. What is your raiding experience?
Well I have full Kara behind my back just as like as Full Gruul's Lair from TK I have exp with Void reaver and in ZA only with the first 2 bosses

19. To which heroic mode instances you have access to on your main?
All from Hellfire to TK

20. What attunements do you have on your main character?

21. How do you prepare for raids?
I am buying some potion, make some poisons and ofcoarse Repair and check my Elixirs and Flasks if there is a need I am buying some Elixirs and Flasks. And all the potions, elixirs, flasks and poisons depends on the Raid that I am going.

22. What kind of consumables would you take with you to a raid?
Well for Elixir I am using [Elixir of Fel strengh] or [Elixir of Major Agility] for Flasks I am using[Flask of the Bandit] and for potion well healing potions and some ressistance if I need them.

Other questions
Please take your time to answer these questions. You may use several sentences in each answer. These are the most important questions in this application form.

23. What is your current personal goal within WoW?
To get the best gear I can get and to know that world better because I am crazy fan of Warcraft History

24. Why do you want to join Danger Rangers, and why did you leave/want to leave your old guild?
I wanna join Because I heard a lot of great things for it and I realy need to raid for better gear. Why I wanna leave? Well The raid time in Soul is realy late for me.

25. Anything else you would like to add to your application?
I am kind person that will not spam your Gchat or Raid chat and I am up for any raid Smile


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Nightfreak application Empty Re: Nightfreak application

Post  Xivion on Tue Mar 11, 2008 12:26 am

u forgot to tell youre biggest friend is in this guild also!
and his Name is XVION!!Very Happy
u got nice gear + more hit rating then me =(

well good luck to you m8
grtzz X


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Nightfreak application Empty I forgot to put the link from Armory realy sorry

Post  Nighfrea on Tue Mar 11, 2008 12:53 am

17. What kind of gear do you have?
I have 270 Hit raiting/21% Crit and 1600 AP for more inf :

I am realy sorry for that I forgot to put the Link from Armory now its there Smile Hope u'll pick me


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Nightfreak application Empty Armory Link

Post  Nighfrea on Tue Mar 11, 2008 1:50 am

Well the Link to the armory doesn't appear I dunno why! Last try "


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Nightfreak application Empty link sux

Post  Nightfre on Tue Mar 11, 2008 1:51 am


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Nightfreak application Empty Re: Nightfreak application

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