Shaman-Elemental/Restoration [Declined]

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Shaman-Elemental/Restoration [Declined]

Post  Mute (Sh on Fri Dec 21, 2007 1:02 am

Personal Info

Playtime: All the time xD (Yes, even when i sleep.)

Character info

Character name: Shalady
Class: Shaman

My gear is not exactully the best, this is why i would like to run kara a few times, just to get some gear Smile

Days played on 60 and 70: 21 days 20 hours 47 mins
Profile link:
Professions: None

Prequest done: Yes

Thrallmar: Honour hold? Honored
Cenarion Expedition: Honored
Lower City: Honored
The Sha'tar: Honored
Keepers of Time: Exalted
Karazhan: Friendly

Raid Experience TBC: (On other chars ofc) Kara, Tk, SSC, A bit of ZA
Raid Experience Pre-TBC: MC, Naxx, BWL

Previous guilds: Night raiders
Reason for leaving those guilds: Realm migration

Reason for joining our guild: I would love to raid on my shammy as im gettin bored of my rogue paladin and warrior Smile

Mute (Sh

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Re: Shaman-Elemental/Restoration [Declined]

Post  Blondiranger on Fri Dec 21, 2007 3:35 pm

Sorry mate, we are a Nordic guild..

Good luck with your future guildsearching


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