rogue, 70 wants to join

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rogue, 70 wants to join

Post  Xvion on Sun Dec 30, 2007 4:32 pm

About me.

Name: Mark Gerrets
age: 18
Location: Netherlands - Utrecht
Playtime: monday,wednesday,thursday,Friday,saturday,sunday


Name: Xvion
Class: Rogue
Race: human
played: 31days , 20 hours , 48 minutes
Proffs: Enchanter , leatherworker , First Aid Very Happy

PreQuest done.

Honor Hold = Revered
Cenarion Expedition = Honored
Lower City = Honored
The Sha'tar = Friendly , trying to get it assap to Exhalted
Keepers of Time = Revered
Karazhan = Honored

Raid Experience TBC: Zul'gurub , Molten Core , BWL <--- but never Finished.

Prev. Guilds = Old Skool Raiders. Reason = They did 1x in a month Raid to ZG or MC but thats all i want Fully Raids. i would say 7x in the week ^^

Reason why i want to join: i've done some instance with GreenRanger, WhiteRanger Etc. and it was nice playing with them i never had such good Group =)

Thnx for Reading Cool


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Re: rogue, 70 wants to join

Post  Mysig on Sun Dec 30, 2007 7:57 pm

nordic guild tho Cool feel free to learn swedish
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