Hunter level 70 [Declined]

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Hunter level 70 [Declined] Empty Hunter level 70 [Declined]

Post  Artax on Wed Jan 02, 2008 3:55 pm

Personal Info

Name: Joel
Age: 14
Location: Finland
Playtime: (when can you not play and when can you play)
Well i can play friday and saturday ??-??
And Other days ??-21
So obviosly not gonna get to this guild Razz But always can try heh

Character info

Character name: Artax
Class: hunter
Race: Dwarf

Days played on 60 and 70: +100day
Profile link
Professions: LW and Skinning

Prequest done: To karazhan, SSC yes, but not to TK and hyjal.

Honer hold: Exalted
Cenarion Expedition: Exalted
Lower City: Revered
The Sha'tar: Exalted
Keepers of Time: Revered
Karazhan: Revered

Raid Experience TBC: Full cleared kara and ahve been in SSC dish boss.
Raid Experience Pre-TBC: Full cleared MC, BWL almost (not killed nefarian)

Previous guilds: TGM, SftD, Supernatural
Reason for leaving those guilds: TGM not good english, SftD needed go holidays so.. and supernatural becouse raid times

Reason for joining our guild: Good dudes in DR and wanna be in with somethinging COOL!


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Hunter level 70 [Declined] Empty Re: Hunter level 70 [Declined]

Post  Epicranger on Thu Jan 03, 2008 1:33 pm

I'm afraid your playtime doesnt fit our raidtimes, thx for the application though.

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Hunter level 70 [Declined] Empty okey

Post  Artax on Thu Jan 03, 2008 4:55 pm

okey Smile ty for change. Gl all of you!


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Hunter level 70 [Declined] Empty Re: Hunter level 70 [Declined]

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