Bleki - Hunter 70 [Declined]

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Bleki - Hunter 70 [Declined]

Post  Bleki on Thu Feb 21, 2008 2:53 pm

General player info
1. Name: Marin
2. Year of birth: 1989
3. Country: Croatia
4. Do you have Ventrilo: yes
5. Do you have a working microphone: yes
6. When are you available for raiding: tue /wen /fry got training 21.00-22.30 all rest free

Character info
7. Character name:Blčki
8. Character race/class: Night elf hunter
9. Server: Boulderfist
10. Total played: 73 days ..40 days on 70
11. Guild history: I was in AVATON and few more t5 guilds ...on Kazzak guild which cleaned TK and SSC ... was CL and officer here and one of main dps in lower bosses
12. Professions: 375 skinning 375 leatherworking

13. Short description of your primary alts:35 Druid ...Mining JC 150 and played a bit only

Questions about your character
14. What is the role you would prefer in raids?
Im always MD nuke nuke nuke FD ...and helping on VT bcs of experience

15. What is your spec?
0 bm / 52 mm /9 survival ...

16. Why have you chosen this specific spec?
Bcs of PVP Smile but i know to play great with BM MM and Survival in PVP AND PVE specc ...

17. What kind of gear do you have?
full epic PVP PVE ...t4 etc 2300 AP in Pve and 24 %

Questions about raiding
18. What is your raiding experience?
Whole kara ..Gruul ...VR Solarion , Whole SSC

19. To which heroic mode instances you have access to on your main?
All except MH BT ...but started that preq allot

20. What attunements do you have on your main character?
MC kara ...All heroics

21. How do you prepare for raids?
Flasks Elixirs pots arrows repair

22. What kind of consumables would you take with you to a raid?
Flasks pots and Elixirs

23. What is your current personal goal within WoW?

TO have a fun Smile and Guild like family Smile

24. Why do you want to join Danger Rangers, and why did you leave/want to leave your old guild?

Because u have great progress for me ! and it seems like nice guild...

25. Anything else you would like to add to your application?
Sorry for dening 1st time! I done a mistake so i would like that u give me one more chance !


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Re: Bleki - Hunter 70 [Declined]

Post  Rosa on Sat Feb 23, 2008 8:33 pm

Declined, you had your chance.

If you have any further questions feel free to PM me.

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